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                       Guangdong Zhonghu Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the manufacturing city - Dongguan, is an independent research and development and production of voltage transformers, current transformers, contact box, casing, insulators and other electrical products of the modern enterprise. After years of development, the company's products have become one of the best professional manufacturer of sales in the domestic market at present.
                       The company uses advanced "APG" craft, epoxy resin vacuum casting process and vacuum oil immersion process produces a variety of dry and immersion of 0.5KV ~ 35KV current transformers, voltage transformers, combiner, strong performance insulation products , high level of accuracy, stable performance, safe and reliable. Products comply with relevant IEC standards and national standards.
                       The company has a professional transformer product design and process design team, which developed the leading products are: 0.5KV ~ 35KV dry type current transformers, voltage transformers; 3KV ~ 35KV dry type, oil discharge coil and 3KV ~ 35KV dry, oil-immersed transformer voltage and current composition. Our products are widely used in electric power substations, railway, petrochemical, and other systems, power plants and various types of ancillary switchgear and renovation project, the company also based on customer demand for personalized, special design all kinds of current transformers, voltage transformers and combiner.
                       Company advanced detection equipment, production equipment. With modern laboratory, learn the advanced design and construction, with the technology needed to develop and research the basic laboratory facilities and research environment offers no-frequency partial discharge test sets of devices, vacuum oil treatment, drying oiling devices and other sophisticated detection equipment, based on national standards and IEC standards for product testing.
                       We uphold: "customer first, quality for this, the total value, continuous improvement" as quality policy. We adhere to the "customer supreme, quality best, credit first" to gain the confidence of customers and support, and is also the development direction of our efforts. zhonghu will be to improve the high quality products and sincere service, as always, always        welcome your presence guidance.