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                How to ensure the reliability of power supply after failure of distribution line

                Publishers:Admin   Published:2017-07-18
                      1. After the fault, the main method of reducing the power failure area is to isolate the faulty equipment and the line, and then restore the main line to run, so as to ensure that most users can continue to supply power. The main measures are to pull the segment switch and the branch switch, or the segmented wire and branch wire. In addition to the important users to provide dual-loop power supply, one side of the line failure, then switch to the other side of the line to continue to supply power.
                       2. Failure The user affected time depends on the fault repair time. A user other than a faulty line can recover power after the fault is isolated.
                       3. Avoid failure in the maintenance means that the monitoring object for the entire line of operation. Mainly through the "telemetry" to monitor the operation of the power grid, while the distribution line workers on the line for regular visits, the load is relatively heavy (such as winter and summer) should strengthen the inspection. On the possible impact of the distribution line and the normal operation of the hidden dangers of equipment for timely processing. In my work process, the main hidden danger, including tree lines contradictions, external damage, line foreign body and so on. As well as construction occupancy line channel or cause the building to the line safety distance shortage standard. Will be issued a notice of hidden dangers, with the government departments with the order to stop construction.
                       4. If the line fails, after the repair is normal, there is the possibility of failure again, should apply to the higher authorities to the line or equipment for power outages, after the replacement of the equipment or the transformation of the line to achieve line safety Run the requirements, can only put into operation again.