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                Power thirteen five plan lead to comment on the initiative to change

                Publishers:Admin   Published:2017-07-18
                       Incident: National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board officially issued the "power development" thirteen five "plan" (2016-2020). Planning from the supply capacity, power structure, power grid development, comprehensive adjustment capacity, energy saving, livelihood protection and other six aspects of the development goals. In addition, the plan also proposed to actively develop hydropower, co-ordinate the development and delivery; vigorously develop new energy, optimize the layout of the adjustment; to encourage diversified energy use, according to local conditions pilot demonstration 18 tasks.
                Comments: We believe that the 13th Five-Year Plan issued in line with our 2017 "initiative to change" investment strategy is expected to continue to optimistic about natural gas power generation, "coal to coal" is the trend, focusing on the development of Guangzhou, Shanghai Electric Power; optimistic about wind power, Photovoltaic technology upgrades, focusing on the shares to the shares;
                       Optimistic about the domestic and foreign horizontal integration, asset mergers and acquisitions to expand the market size, and to achieve the power industry manufacturing industry as a whole to upgrade, focusing on Baosheng shares, Huaming equipment.
                       (1) power generation side "re-light construction." The growth of the power generation side depends largely on the number of new projects, from the whole logic point of view, we believe that in the next five years or even longer period of time, the power industry will be in the long-term power supply relative surplus stage. After the power installed capacity slows down, the focus will be on the adjustment of the power structure, namely: the old unit of the alteration and shut down. Replaced by a cleaner, more efficient and reliable unit.
                       (2) grid side "distribution network revolution". We believe that the electricity reform itself does not enlarge or shrink the existing market of China's electricity supply, but in the existing power supply and demand relations, re-adjust the power trading model, change the grid company a single network of the status quo, the introduction of social capital To participate in competitive sales, thus developing the electricity market. Therefore, we firmly on the logic of the logic of the induction, that is: a user, can be king; can generate electricity, sell electricity; no distribution network, no electricity; no cash, no market.
                        (3) power equipment "light" fitted "sea". We believe that with the national industrial 4.0 industrial upgrading, as a high-end manufacturing of electrical equipment will change the past passive production situation, will take the initiative to guide the development of the power industry, "light assets" and "overseas mergers and acquisitions" will be the direction of investment The