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                Electricity reform after a year greatly reduced the cost of business

                Publishers:Admin   Published:2017-07-18
                       According to the voice of the economy, "Central Canton Financial Review" reported that "down the cost" is one of the six major economic tasks this year, the cost down, the enterprise can lightly battle, the physical economic vitality can be released The "Down the cost of" a very important one is to reduce the price of electricity to promote the market price of electricity reform. What is the progress of this work now? Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission website published articles on the progress of the reform of the price of a year to sort out the work.
                       Development and Reform Commission said that the reform of electricity prices this year, to reduce the cost of real business enterprises in terms of significant results, the annual reduction of corporate electricity costs more than 100 billion yuan. These reduced electricity costs mainly come from these reforms:
                One is the transmission and distribution price reform, which is the core of the power system reform, but also difficult to chew the "hard bone." In accordance with the "custody of the middle, let go of the two" the general idea, the price of electricity to the transmission and distribution price and the sale price in the formation of separate mechanisms, a separate approved transmission and distribution price, step by step to achieve public welfare outside the sale price generated by the market. This year with the reform of the pilot continue to advance, the annual price reduction space reached 6.8 billion, all for the lower end-user electricity prices, a corresponding reduction in business costs.
                       And then one is the coal linkage, the end of last year, the Development and Reform Commission on the coal price linkage mechanism was improved, clear the implementation of the linkage price of coal prices in January this year, according to the decline in coal prices, lower coal prices per kilowatt When 3 cents, and with the rate of reduction of the general industrial and commercial sales price, the annual electricity consumption can be reduced about 22.5 billion yuan.
                       At the end of June this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the implementation of the basic electricity price of the two-part electricity price users. According to the preliminary calculation, it would be possible to reduce the basic electricity price burden of large industrial users according to the preliminary calculation and improve the basic electricity price 15 billion yuan.
                       Electricity price reform this year, electricity direct trading power is no longer the implementation of government pricing, but a greater extent to reflect the degree of market supply and demand. Development and Reform Commission is expected in 2016, the national direct electricity transactions by 450 billion kilowatts 2015 to about 700 billion kwh, an average reduction of 6.4 cents per kilowatt-hour, the annual reduction of electricity costs about 45 billion yuan.
                       China Energy Network Chief Information Officer Han Xiaoping on this analysis and interpretation.
                       Han Xiaoping: power reform formed a confusing mechanism, corporate failure also see results. In the past, the media and the industry agreed that the NDRC should re-develop the light reform. In the past two years, the central authorities have called on the central authorities to change their work style. The NDRC has promoted the reform of all walks of life, especially the electric power industry, through the price mechanism, thus forming a very effective mechanism The
                       2015 Central Economic Work Conference on the proposed to help enterprises reduce costs, which is a very important one is to reduce the price of electricity, to promote the electricity market reform, improve the coal linkage mechanism. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly stressed that to reduce the cost of enterprises, stabilize the market expectations, promote economic growth, control, adjust the industrial structure, appropriate to reduce the electricity price of coal-fired generating units and industrial and commercial electricity prices.
                       After this year's efforts, we can say that we have achieved very good results, power reform does reduce the cost of the enterprise, each year for our business to reduce the cost of more than 1,000 billion electricity, the reduction of these costs mainly from seven aspects :
                       The first is the transmission and distribution price reform, reform and transmission of electricity prices to move the real grid, to move the interests of the group's cheese, is the real bite hard bones, but also the top priority of power reform. Will be transmission and distribution, power generation and sale of electricity to form a mechanism to achieve the transparency of the price. This step is to "keep the middle, let go of the two" the general idea fell to reality. In March, 2016, on the basis of the reform of western China's power grid in Shenzhen and Inner Mongolia, we further extended the reform pilot to the five provinces of Anhui, Hubei, Ningxia, Yunnan and Guizhou, which would allow the price of electricity to be regulated. Transmission cost of the crystal clear, and gradually out of unreasonable costs, each year for our business to reduce 6.8 billion. By September, we have further expanded the pilot to the remaining 14 provinces and extended the system to the whole country. This reform has indeed brought great changes to the national grid, laying the groundwork for reducing electricity prices and the next step The
                       The second is to establish a coal linkage mechanism. Since the end of 2015, in order to coordinate the development of the local, National Development and Reform Commission in accordance with the principle of open and transparent, coal and electricity linkage once again standardized. After such a scientific and rational planning, power companies and coal enterprises between the interests of the gradual coordination. In January 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission lowered the electricity price of coal-fired thermal power units according to the decline in coal prices, and lowered the sales price of industrial and commercial enterprises with the same rate, reducing the expenditure of enterprises by 22.5 billion. At the end of 2016, coal prices rose sharply, and the Development and Reform Commission objectively analyzed the reasons for the rise, and did not blindly raise the price, but actively promote the coal enterprises to establish long-term agreement mechanism, so that both sides to establish long-term stable trading Relationship, both to combat the behavior of financial speculation, but also stabilize the price of coal.
                       The third is to improve the basic price of the implementation of the system. In addition to paying electricity bills, companies have to pay the basic electricity, the basic electricity is the cost of electricity facilities, but the cost is often determined by the maximum load of electricity in a year, which is very unreasonable for the enterprise of. In June 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission introduced the "on the two-tier system of electricity prices of basic electricity users to implement the notice", our electricity charges do not have to calculate the year, some companies can quarterly accounting, there are some companies can choose monthly Settlement, which can reduce the cost of all large users 15 billion.
                       The fourth is to cancel the concessions, reducing the general commercial electricity costs, while cross-provincial transmission prices for a detailed accounting, Teng moved a lot of space, in addition to lower the price of industrial and commercial users, about savings for business users 17 billion of electricity.
                       The fifth is to promote the bilateral trade of electricity. After a year of power reform, the amount of direct electricity transactions is growing. In 2016, the country's direct trade rose from 400 billion degrees in 2015 to 700 billion degrees, the average electricity users can reduce the 6.4 cents per year, so that enterprises can reduce the annual electricity costs of 45 billion.
                       The sixth is the price of electricity to promote the supply side of the structural reform, the National Development and Reform Commission to reduce the use of coal space, the establishment of industrial enterprises to adjust the structure of the special fund, special support coal, steel and other special industries to resolve backward production capacity.
                The seventh is to build electricity market. We have established more power market, and now the country has 3,000 electricity sales companies, we are looking forward to the future there will be more and more enterprises to enter the market, improve the degree of active power transactions, and further reduce our business Electricity price.
                       All in all, this series of reforms have contributed to a structural transformation, but also for our business to reduce the cost of energy.